Orthoshop Digital Study Models

Work Faster, Better, More Cost Effectively, With Orthodontic Digital Models From ORTHOSHOP DIGITAL IN AUSTRALIA

Why You Might Be Interested In Working With 3-D Models

Digital Study Models

Orthoshop digital will digitalise your alginate impressions, scans or existing stone models and provide you with highly accurate, high resolution three dimensional version of the patient’s teeth.¬† Free viewing software is provided and will allow you to perform a number of viewing and analysis functions.

Quick download

Download the Maestro3D viewer to view our 3D models below (please email us for activation code)


Digital Models

With orthoshop digital you no longer have to work with stone study models. Achieve a higher degree of accuracy with Digital Study Models.

This eliminates possible breakages and an enormous amount of storage space. Just connect to your existing computer system and examine your Digital Models.

Just Send US...

  • Impressions
  • STL Files intraoral scans
  • Existing Models

We Will....

  • ¬†Create Perfect Digital Study Models with no blemishes
  • Manipulate your STL file to create diagnostic set-ups, re-set retainers etc
  • Manufacture appliances
  • Produce multiple files or printouts from the original impression

We Can...

  • Archive your files to allow you to destroy all your old Stone Study Models and save valuable storage space.
  • Turn your Digital Study Models into Printed 3-D Models.
  • Delivery interstate or internationally

Orthoshop digital portal

Orthoshop digital also provides a secure way to upload and download digital files for use within your practice through our portal, at no cost to you. No filing or storage of USB’s, CD’s or hard drives is necessary.

Have the peace of mind of our secure backup both on site and on cloud.

How long does it take?

For standard models routinely 3 working days!!

If you require an urgent digital model send us an impression and mark it as “urgent overnight” and for a small extra fee it will be sent to you the next working day.