About Us

Joseph Schiavello has 25 years experience as a fully qualified Dental Technician. He established Schiavello Orthodontic Laboratory in 2001.

He has restricted his practice to orthodontics since 1995.

With the decision to expand into a 2nd location in Central Perth in 2011 he changed the name to Orthoshop Orthodontic Laboratory to reflect his growing interest in digital technology.

He has many satisfied clients in Perth, wider WA and interstate.

Introducing Orthoprecise

Orthoprecise is our dedicated system of removable clear aligners, for treating minor crowding or spacing as well orthodontic relapse.

We do a Virtual set-up and then produce a series of 3-5 sets of aligners, with a range of attachments if required, manufactured on a series of models we print in 3D.

Advantages include our very fast turnaround times, since the computerized planning and manufacture all occur here in Perth, avoiding overseas couriering. This local base also allows us to accept normal Alginate impressions (as well as intra-oral scans), so you can avoid the costs associated with PVS (Poly Vinyl Silicone).

Orthoprecise is also attractively priced. Even more cost-effectively, we are happy to produce aligners for a single-arch treatment if you wish.

Remember the more precisely you describe your requirements the better the result!