Orthoshop Digital 3D Printing Service

State Of The Art Printed 3-D Models

Using your digital STL files we can print high precision working or study models for traditional viewing or manufacturing appliances. We can print a full set of study models or working models with a choice of styles and heights.

Our 3-D printing service is available to you if we scan your models, you scan with an Intra- oral scanner that has an open  system, or by using archived STL files.

Might need a 3-D printed model in the future? Not an issue we can print at any time from our portal at your request, or if you have stored STL files send to print@orthoshopdigital.com.au.  We will print in 3 working days.

Our printers will print on your demand!! Call me for any direction on scanning models etc.

Videos of 3D Printing In Action