Orthoshop Orthodontic Laboratory

Orthoshop Orthodontic Laboratory is a full-service laboratory employing highly experienced fully qualified dental technicians along with support staff.

At orthoshop we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality appliances as well as state of the art digital and 3D printing technology.

We manufacture a broad range of popular appliances on a daily basis and will be happy to construct any appliances you require, to your exact specifications.

Our digital study models can save you vital storage space as well as allowing precise measurements and 3D viewing. We are happy to work with Alginate or intra-oral scans, and can even scan and store your achieved Study Models to free up storage space.

Although most of our work is received using traditional alginate, if you use an intra oral scanner then we can receive your scans on our dedicated email address print@orthoshopdigital.com.au and use them to produce digital study models, to print 3d study models and also to construct working models to manufacture appliances on.

With Orthoprecise, our dedicated system or treating minor crowding, spacing or orthodontic relapse, we can produce a series of 3-5 sets of aligners manufactured on our 3D printed models to produce the tooth movements you request.

Utilising state of the art technology allows us to offer fast turn around times and competitive prices.

Contact us today, and allow Orthoshop Orthodontic Laboratory the opportunity to exceed your expectations!